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Updated 2005/01/08

I've finished the creator too now.

Download the zip-file here

It contains the creator and the autorun itself + an example.

If you want to test the autorun, just open the TestAutorun.cmd


The programs now should be able to run on .net 1.0 and 1.1

Optimized code of autorun

Added fade-in and fade-out (not changeable in settings)

Added onExitSound

Fixed some bugs

Small update:

Fixed a bug that the creator wouldn't save a 'run' parameter

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****... first error already... Weird, runs fine on my pc. Do you have .net framework 1.1?


I think you might wanna check if you have .net framework, cause I send it to some friends, and some of them had the same error. Turned out that these persons hadn't .net framework installed. After that, everything went fine.

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Are you sure??? I did a little search on that error numer, and I find many sites about people also opening an app and getting that error. It always get fixed when they install .net framework. If you want to check, see if you have this dir:


in that dir should at least be a folder named 'v1.blabla' (replace blabla with some numbers)

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:wacko: I don't know what it is then.... I have XP dutch, as many of my friends and one has xp english. And it works on all of their computers... Could you try the new archive?

I changed from a link to a batch file, cause the link refered to a file on my pc :P How could I make such an error :blushing:

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Oh yeah, I went to the sites of those programs... My program doens't just open an html file (or other files), it dynamically creates a form with controls on it.

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