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Integrating Windows XP SP2 And Office 2003 SP1


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I want to completlely integrate the Office 2003 SP1 package into my XP SP2 disc not just activate the msi intstall like i have seen done on some discs.

I know the first thing i got to do is make a list of the files and registry entries that are required (by dissassembling the msi)

What i am not sure on how to do is how i should go about packaging the files and registry settings for on the cd?

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As un4given1 says, you can't integrate/slip-stream office into windows in the true sense of the term.


No, its not possible, you can only have the o2k3 install happen automated without your input. Seems to be some confusion here regarding what slip-streaming is, and what having an app-install integrated into setup is.

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You can slipstream SP1 (that is SP1 for Office 2003) into an Office 2003 image on your harddrive - and then put the resulting slipstreamed Office 2003 image onto your unattended cd - usually in $OEM$\$1\Install\Apps\ folder and install Office as you would all your other apps, by calling the install from either a batch_file or using RunOnceEx.

Please read fully:



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i think what Xous is asking .....

can he export registry settings from a pc with offfice already installed onto his new unattended winxp installation and also copy over the office directory from c:\program files\microsoft office and probably the start menu grouping so that he doesnt need to install office the conventional unattended way.

i dont know the answer but would be interested if registry keys would work

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