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install a program with the serial included


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is there a way to put the serial in a program. so the next time i have to install the program it doesn't ask for the serial.

depends on the program. some programs write the key to the registry, some programs make a change to a file. so you gotta find out which way the program saves the serial.

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Concerning powerdirector 4 it doesn't any switches as long as i know, so i created an autoit script that it dees everthing as expected if you wánt the script i can send it to you, i have even script for power encoder mpeg v1.0 which installs silently. though it is possible to create a setup.iss but you can not change the absolute installation path to relative. i say it because i tested it. i am using xp swedish version in C and need have a dual boot, i.e want have another system in D. let us xp english version. if the path in setup.iss is c:\program\powerdirector it will always install in that path even if you run it from D and want to install in D.

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