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What went wrong in my setup timeline?

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1st, you do not set %cdrom%...you need to find the code to give a drive letter to %cdrom%...there is a string for runonceex.cmd to do this, but I dunno it off the top of my head.

for error 3-7 we need your winnt.sif...make sure to delete any cdkey/password in it.

found new hardware wizard is PART of windows...whether you use nlite to delete drivers or not, it will pop up...what you could do is integrate the drivers into nlite...or are you saying its asking you to install the drivers...if so, then yea, find out what driver it is and dont have nlite remove that specific driver...like if for a monitor, dont remove monitor drivers.

Annd, its actually Happy ChristmaChanuKwanzakuh (and if you notice all letters for the other 2 holidays are used, but Christmas loses an s...wonder why?)

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