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Monitor Power Problems


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I have a 17" CTX 1765GM monitor, and every so often the screen will go black.

I makes a sort of fizzy noise as it goes into a white dot in the middle of the screen and then goes completely black.

By turning it off and on again a few times(or hitting it) it goes back to normal.

Also the picture randomly goes slightly too big for the screen and starts flickering ever so slightly.

Anyone had this problem or know what the problem might be?

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We had a 27 years old (National brand) TV, which had the same behaviour. I suppose we discarded it about 4 years ago. I'm not kidding, but this looks like a problem qith the CRT, its electron guns, or high-voltage transformers heating up, etc.

And, CTX isn't the very durable brand, however this type of problem is usually repairable (our TV continued to be repaired for about 12 years before being trashed). Get a Viewsonic, Philips, Samsung. NECs are also good, but very expensive repair.

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