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Drive letters after reformat...


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Im having a brain freeze here... someone help me out...

I have 3 Harddrives in my system and 2 cdroms..

1- OS

1- Storage (d)

1- Split into 2 Partitions (e + p)

1- dvdrom (i)

1- cdrw (j)

If I reformat my pc and reload windows, will it keep my drive letters the same as before reformatting?

I dont know why I cant think of this... Ive reformatted perhaps 30 times at least, but its been so long since the last time and I just cant remember.....


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No, it will do this:

OS [C:]

Storage [D:]

Split into 2 Partitions [E: & F:]

dvdrom & cdrw [G: & H:(G: for master device or earliest IDE controller)]

You will probably then need to change your drive letters using Disk Management in XP.

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Yea.. I'll admit, I took the lazy route this time and didnt hit the trusty search button... thanks again guys!

btw... Im very familar with changing drives via comp mgmt... I was looking for a cmd like the posts mdes and yzowl referred to.

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