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Philips DVD player


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Philips Progressive-Scan DVD Player with DivX, MPEG-4 and DVD+R/+RW Playback

This thing does it all; plays DVD, DVD+R/+RW, CD, CD-R/RW, VCD, SVCD, MP3-CD, MPEG-4, Picture-CD and DivX 3.11/4.x/5.x

The most cool feature of this is that you can just copy a mpg or divx avi to a cd or dvd recordable, any it will play it... no remastering or menu building necessary.

The next greatest feature of this DVD player is that it costs about $65.00-$70.00

I dl'ed a few 'sample' videos, burned them to a blank dvd+r, and the player cued up the list and played them just fine



Merry Christmas

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You need to be slightly careful with this particular DVD player. It's slim, sleek, and looks really cool. It will also play nearly any Divx .avi you throw at it. It's also cheap enough in cost that your not really out much cash to get one. However, there have been a few reports here and there of then occasionaly breaking somewhat easily. If you are able to score one from some place that will sell you a 3 year warrenty for free replacement on one for like $20 then your set. If not, well your still not out a ton of cash.

However, even though this thing playing .Divx kinda makes using burned DVDs a moot point, it does only play the +R/+RW format. At the current standings the -R/-RW format has taken a bit of a lead in the battle between the two formats. Even if for some reason +R/+RW dies by the wayside, DivX playing OWNS. The only other commercial DVD player out in the U.S. to play this format is an import from Europe and it costs like 4 times as much to buy.

I'm not sure if they changed this or not, but certain versions of this DVD player are also region free. i.e. they can or at least could play DVD's from any region, and were capable of also playing PAL formatted DVD's. If it still can, you might run into some p***y licensing people eventually whining about copyrights and this or that. But I mean really for $50.00 to $75.00, this this is dream to own.

I already own one, and have a spare in case it fries on me. It's a planned gift for any friend or family member that has a birthday or something come up anytime as well.

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I myself would like to get my hands on this... but it's not anywhere to be found here in the US... http://www.kiss-technology.com/?p=dp150408&v=users

A DVD player that has a HD in it, has a network port to allow you to connect with your PC and play videos, MP3s and pictures. Plays DivX. Plays all formats of DVDs. Such a beautiful piece of equipment :)

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Get an xbox.

Get a mod chip for it

install the linux xbox OS (not sure the name),

Get a HD 120Gb is about right.

Xbox has a network card, with the linux xbox OS you can network the thing and all the moviez on it can go between your PC and other networked computers. Plus the xbox can play all the mpeg4 stuff (xvid, divx, mp3's, ogg's etc) and dvd's without the dvd remote (normally required for non-modded xbox). Plus its a gaming machine. That hits all your marks and more.

Microsoft has actually considered adding some of these features in there next xbox.

I have been waiting to do this myself because it can DO ANYTHING!

There is info all over internet about it.

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