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Edit Installation Files!


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I have the Longhorn Build 4074 I386 Version of Longhorn. (http://beta.microsoft.com or so..)

And i want to Translate the Setup and the Windows into german! i translate already some... but i have some Questions:

1. How to translate the sertupldr.bin? With the texteditor it don't work and with Hex Editor it don't work, too!

2. Where are the textes (when you install Longhorn form Booting CD/DVD) with "Setup will complete in..." and the textes like this:


but the textes that come when i start the steup from CD/DVD!

3. And where are the textes linke "Installing Devices" when i Start Setup from CD/DVD, too.

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i translated the winntbbu.dll already! but the text is in english! Also the File is in German translated but the textes are in english! and a winntbbu.dl_ don't exist!

I know.. but i do it, because than i have some to do! and its Funny :)

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also: i found the most of these tings! but i have a bluescreen when i delete a partition and want to format it! (at 20% (qick format)) what for files are responsibly for the formating support?

I know that is one of these files, because these files i have edited first time! and with these files the bluescreen appears!:








































do anyone know what file produce this bluescreen?

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i do not use irc!

can anyone get me a translatet shell32.dll from the i386 version! i have one with wrong textes that work (at the installation the file is accepted!) and a second file with all right textes and when i use it in the setup it says its not a valid win32 file! and when i want to create more textes i the one shell32 file that work a bit the programm brings an error an says at Version info and so that its compressed with a special EXE Compressor or so! o.o also have anyone a shell32.dll for that version in german) :$ i can upload the original shell32.dl_ then one of you can make the new textes! and i test it :) please help me :$


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f*** off! can anyone say me why the setup tells me that the shell32 is not a valid Win32 application? i only insert the Dialogs, menus and String tables with the PE Resource Explorer (f***ing work!!!!!) and with Resource hacker the textes! (the numers and textes are from the shell32.dll.mui! when the english textes are in the new shell32 i replace the available german textes from the Xp Shell32.dll! (only replace! i don't add anything!) and then.. aaafter that f***ing hard work.. the setup tells me its not a valid application! one minute after this message comes a errorlog with some networkkomponents errors! can anyone help me?

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Please use no inappropriate words while posting.

Anyone posting is only trying to help, and as such is not doing so to benefit themselves - its concern for others.

If its your right to get immediate answers, paid helpdesks might be better....

Stay within boundaries please.

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sorry.. my english is not so good but when you mean i should this express to omit..ok but i hate it! i made already 4 shell32 files und nothing works really.. and i want to have a working file! and the rest: do you mean am I to provide another topic? or what?`


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The reason it is not working is because the file is not digitally signed by yours truly, Micro$oft - the Sig check is FALUSE! Also might be is cause the Hash file is not correct, could be wrong on that last one.

Search the MSFN forums for these files, "shell32.dll", "MCT" and "uxtheme.dll " others are also listed... these files need to be cracked, if you will;) to change other Features/Options via Windows XP. Theses files are not specific to editing the Lang Features, but may help in that area of "Cracking the resource"...

I know that 'Astalavista' also posted their own Guide about the shell32.dll - don't know if it will help towards changing the Lang, but it will help towards "resource hacking" - Since that’s what you are doing!

Hope that helps :hello:

ps: Use " :realmad: , :no: , :o , Darn, Dang, Oh Man!, Shoot, Crap!, Whoops!...etc... insted of

f*** off!
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i search for these.. but i only find one little thing.. "disable the windows file protection.." yes ok.. but how and works it really after that? i think you know more... please help me with that problem :(

and your right ^^" i can insert so smilies :D

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I'm sorry I don't know how to crack or imitate Micro$oft's digital Sig. :( But I hear there are ways around it. And again I could be wrong, maybe you should try something different? ;) Try searching Google for more answers - as I don't see anymore POST about changing the Lang. Also Longhorn is ment to be a WinImg; not i386-for the moment, and may require XML coding. Longhorn is also still in alpha testing that may cause undesired operation. Try downloading Longhorn in a different Lang version - compare the files...

Try Posting here:

MSFN -> Customizing Windows ->

You might get a better response. :)

Hope this helps :w00t:

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