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XP install not running unattended

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I've created a winnt.sif file and copied it to the i386 folder on my CD. The textmode goes fine. When the GUI part comes up it's prompting me for all the information that is in my winnt.sif.

Has anyone had this problem before? I used nLite to slipstream SP1a and remove features.

Here is my winnt.sif




















Help me MSFN Kenobe. You're my only hope. :D

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i'am not sure but





UnattendSwitch="Yes" <-------------- ???????????????


try to change it to only yes whitout quote's

good luck


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So TextSetup is going fine (no question asked)

But when you get to the GUI part it is asking some question... wich question? Only the name and organisation, only the key, all the information? Can you be more specific?

It asks for name and organization, computer name, admin password, country settings & time zone, cd key.

The app installs are working after windows installs, but it's not performing the autologon either.

Something's a little funked up. :blink:

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I believe the correct syntax for this line is:


This is what I have in my WINNT.SIF and it works perfectly. I suppose it could be different because I use SP2 slipstreamed, but that seems unlikely.

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I have.....



Works fine for mine..doesnt ask for anything. :}

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