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Help with winpe 24hours limitation


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looks like someone didn't read the FAQ. :)

check out number 17 & 18 FAQ

there is a plug-in for bartPE which does something (I don't know what) to remove the limitation! :D

(take a look at the plugins available for the builder at support sites)

If you want, you can take a look at the INF that the plugin gives, and do the same registry modification to your WinPE.

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As stated above the 24hr time limit is used by Microsoft to eliminate the use of it as a everyday OS. In my experience with PE I have never had to have the disc run for more than 24hours in a recovery situation. Now the 6 process limit is another issue, this was addressed in WinPE 2004(1.5) {and the Longhorn PE builds} with the addition of Winpeshl.exe and the answer file WinpeShl.ini this in itself was worth another 3 or 30 pack to me. And as for the 24hour time limit, removal is illegal if I am not mistaken.

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