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  1. It turns out the files you download are compressed, and nobody bothered to say anything about that. Just uncompress and place the file in the same folder as the executable.
  2. This is just plain old dos dual boot. It is still not going to read nor can it be loaded on to NTFS partitions.
  3. Why don't you just use ghost 2003 or something dos based. make the cd with the image bootable to a dos environment run ghost and deploy the image. seems to me that Winpe is overkill if all you are going to do is dump an image on the harddrive. Just my humble opinion.
  4. Porting dos applications to winpe Applications that require direct access to the hardware will not work. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=18936&hl=
  5. looks like someone didn't read the FAQ. check out number 17 & 18 FAQ
  6. Spawn

    BartPE to WinPE

    it would seem to me that X86 has abandoned this thread. does anyone else have any information that is relative to this. I would appreciate if someone could explain how to tie into the file copy process through the exra.inf. Here is what I know, You can place an aditional entry into the extra.inf [extrafiles] section and it will get processed but, the file has to be in the same directory as the extra.inf and all those files. What I would like to do is to be able to point extra. inf to another directory where the files are located. I tried placing a winntdirectories section in the extra.inf but it didn't work. any ideas?
  7. why would you need ntfs for DOS in winpe. Winpe is supposed to have native support for NTFS. Or maybe I didn't understand it right. there is a guide around this forun on how to get Dos applications to work on winpe. Applications that need direct access to the hardware don't work though. (Protected Mode, same as XP) I think the post is called Porting Dos Applications to Winpe. EDIT Porting Dos Applications on WinPe
  8. Spawn

    BartPE to WinPE

    No to my knowledge X86 never posted the code anywhere or provided a link to his program or script. He didn't specify how to add to the file copy process ether so... I'm stuck
  9. yes the batch file should copy files to the i386, i386/system, and i386/system32 directories. also, this batch copies files from the os that is currently running. I am using windows xp pro.
  10. very odd did you copy all the needed files? as a test point the batch file to a directory other than your isoroot. something like c:\dospe\. make sure all the files copy properly. I found that if you do not put the trailing backslash on the isoroot path it tries to rename the files as they are copied. so instead of getting the directory structure you get a file called i386 instead of the folder.
  11. I think you are in the wrong forum. this forum is mainly for the M$ version of winpe. if you use BartPE you may get a better response here
  12. Spawn

    BartPE to WinPE

    could you post it? it would be a great help. I wrote a vbs script to convert the registry part of bartpe inf files but I was unable to figure out how to integrate the sourcediskfiles sections. If I could look at how you do it... maybe I could figure out the soucedisk files conversion. anyway I only know a little vb. if its in some other code it may take me longer to figure out how it works, but I think I can do it. the way I use the config.inf is by making pointers to three inf files that hold the keys for hkcu, hklm/software and hklm/system. i have never used sam and security but I don't think it is any different. the registry sections get sorted and copied to the appropriate file at build time, then mkimg.cmd gets called and you know the rest. I use a batch file process to copy the files for the iso structure since I couldn't figure out how to do it through the inf process. I use this method to keep stuff separate. like pluggins. makes it so much easier to work with programs. I imagine it must be hell to work with an iso structure directly(I got away from it quick). If something fails there is no easy way to undo the work. thats why I like my method, you just add a line to the batch file to integrate the plugin and if it works great, if it doesn't I can easily modify it or remove it. we may be on our way to automation here
  13. Spawn

    BartPE to WinPE

    Could you elaborate a little? I know how to use the config.inf to add to the registry. Are you suggesting to add to the extra.inf.(that may cause some problems, or result in a very long extra.inf, Or do you think the extra.inf could be used as a pinter to other inf files somehow. I just don't see how.
  14. Spawn

    BartPE to WinPE

    I don't mean to answer with a question but, does anybody know how to integrate an .inf into the winpe build process? I have converted some Bartpe infs manually but I only know how to integrate the registry build (by putting entries into the winpe inf files such as winpesys.inf used to buld HKLM\System). What I need to know is how to integrate the file copy process. Right now i am copying the files manually.
  15. Which command.com is that? the one that comes with windows XP, or 9x, or dos 6.*? anyway. I tried running the W98 command.com and winpe said "Incorrect Dos Version" and that is all. that is the same message that I get when trying it on a true win xp. Here is the updated reg entries. as far as I can tell only one line chaged. how are you integrating them into your setupreg.hiv? Make sure that you run the batch file to copy the necessary files also. HKLM,"ControlSet001\Control\WOW" HKLM,"ControlSet001\Control\WOW","cmdline",0x00020000, "%SystemRoot%\system32\ntvdm.exe" HKLM,"ControlSet001\Control\WOW","DefaultSeparateVDM",, "no" HKLM,"ControlSet001\Control\WOW","LPT_timeout",, "15" HKLM,"ControlSet001\Control\WOW","size",, "0" HKLM,"ControlSet001\Control\WOW","wowsize",, "16" HKLM,"ControlSet001\Control\WOW","wowcmdline",0x00020000, "%SystemRoot%\system32\ntvdm.exe -a %SystemRoot%\system32\krnl386" HKLM,"ControlSet001\Control\WOW","KnownDLLs",, "comm.drv commdlg.dll ctl3dv2.dll ddeml.dll keyboard.drv lanman.drv mmsystem.dll mouse.drv netapi.dll olecli.dll olesvr.dll pmspl.dll shell.dll sound.drv system.drv toolhelp.dll vga.drv wfwnet.drv win87em.dll winoldap.mod winsock.dll winspool.exe wowdeb.exe timer.drv rasapi16.dll compobj.dll storage.dll ole2.dll ole2disp.dll ole2nls.dll typelib.dll msvideo.dll avifile.dll msacm.dll mciavi.drv mciseq.drv mciwave.drv progman.exe avicap.dll mapi.dll" HKLM,"ControlSet001\Control\WOW","SharedWowTimeout",65537,3600 HKLM,"ControlSet001\Control\WOW","RomFontPointers",1,\ b0,52,00,c0,b0,4a,00,c0,b0,4e,00,c0,b0,60,00,c0,c0,60,00,c0,c0,70,00,c0 HKLM,"ControlSet001\Control\Session Manager\Environment","PATHEXT",,".COM;.EXE;.BAT;.CMD" HKLM,"ControlSet001\Control\VirtualDeviceDrivers" HKLM,"ControlSet001\Control\VirtualDeviceDrivers","VDD",0x00010000, ""

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