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Is there a way to "save" IE6 proxy config?


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I'm sure this must be an everyday thing to business PC users who have XP machines that log in remotely to domains.

Is there a way to save a given set of security zone settings AND proxy server configuration in IE6? So that a user could run an IE6 session without going through corporate servers and VPN client, etc......

I know how to switch out of the IE6 proxy configuration, but, I wan't to make sure I can restore it.... when finished.


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Wh don't you REGEDIT and export the registry settings,

and fiddle all you want,

then import back the registry when you're finished?

That should be easy!

If you want only the difference of the before and after of your IE proxy e.t.c. use a file comparing utility. There's a lot around on the web.

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You can give IE proxy settings in two ways:

1. Use the IEAK to make a .isp configure file that is applied to IE thru winnt.sif (there's a section for IE settings to import).

2. The same SETUPMGR that makes your unattended config WINNT.SIF allows you to specify IE proxy settings.

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