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Use WIHU to uninstall?


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Hi There-

Searched for this but had no luck....

I'd like to automate the UNinstall of the Dell support software that comes on new Dell's. Is this something I could do with WIHU? Has anyone got a command line for it?



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if its just a folder with links (i dunno if it is or isnt, i dont use dell's, i build my own)

just do this from commandline

RD "%programfiles%\Dell\support"

Note: The above path is meant for explanitory purposes only

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I wish that it was just a directory and files...but there's a whole install (and uninstall) for their stuff. Is there a way to fire off an uninstall or do I have to try to figure out what registry settings there are for the program and try to remove them all manually?

Thanks for any help y'all can offer,


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Why don't you uninstall it form the control panel?

If it is green software (no writting to the registry and to system folders) you could delete the folder directly.

If there is no uninstall selection in control panel and it does write sothing to the registy and to system folders. I suppose you could delete all keywords "dell" in the registry and then delete the folder.

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