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Woman Breastfeeds Puppy to Protect Baby


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WELLINGTON (Reuters) - A woman in New Zealand says she is breastfeeding her pet puppy because she wants it to protect her baby daughter as they both grow up.

Kura Tumanako told the NZPA news agency Wednesday that she had started breastfeeding the Staffordshire bull terrier pup after her baby stopped taking her milk.

"I didn't want to waste it so I gave it to Honey Boy," she said.

According to NZPA, Tumanako said she had fed the dog twice a day for the past week but would probably wean it off in about six weeks' time. Her baby, now 2 months old, is on bottled milk.

"I wanted to raise it (the pup) with my baby," she said. "I wanted to bring it up with a baby. It will protect her as they grow up," said Tumanako, who lives in Hastings in New Zealand's North Island.

"He drinks more than the baby. It doesn't hurt, but it's a little bit ticklish."

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I hope she doesn't complain of her husbands "dog breath"  :lol:

strange woman !  :wacko:  :blink:

I was thinking the same thing lol. I wonder if the baby gave up cause of the dog... I mean... suckin on a breast while a dog is suckin on the other one.. just isn't right.. lol. :rolleyes:

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