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Unattended boot.ini


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This batch file worked perfectly for me...I have it set to 5 secs, you can set it to whatever...copy this to a bat file:


TITLE Modifiy Boot Delay

SET ProgPath=C:

SET ORIG=%ProgPath%\Boot.ini

SET NEW=%ProgPath%\Boot_New.ini




DEL /Q "%NEW%"


FOR /F "delims=*" %%L IN (%ORIG%) DO (

SET Begin=%%L

IF "!Begin:~0,8!" == "timeout=" (

ECHO.timeout=5 >>"%NEW%"

) ELSE (

ECHO.%%L >>"%NEW%"





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Just a couple of suggestions with the above:

You don't need to SET ProgPath=C:

%SystemDrive% will already do this and will not be hardcoded to a specific drive letter

Since you have removed the attributes from the Boot.ini, it would be good to finish off the code by at least re-applying the hidden attributes to %ORIG% and preferably %ORIG%_OLD (+H) to the end of it.

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