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Ipconfig error in WinPE


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I'm using WinPE and having an unusual problem with an IBM Intellistation Z Pro 6221-38a. When I run ipconfig in WinPE I get the error message...

Windows IP Configuration

An Internal error occurred: The system cannot find the file specified.

Additional Information: Unable to open registry key for tcpip

Has anyone had encountered this error before?

Many thanks, Blair

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I think that I may have gotten something similar to that when I was running my testing scenarios... I was using the most up-to-date drivers for a particular nic, and it just wouldn't work...

So i suggest you check the drivers, make sure there aren't any registry things that need to be added for the drivers to work.

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Thanks for your help guys. I worked out the problem with the box in question with it having another 3com nic installed which actually had a broadcom chipset on it. Once I removed this from the system all was well.

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one handy way to figure out if WinPE has installed your nic is to run:


from the cmd prompt. This will give you the PNP ID's and friendly description of any NICs that have been installed. You can also run


to see what protocols have been bound, etc.

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