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  1. Getting that error usually means that WinPE didn't load a driver for that specific NIC. Like Genmud said, check your drivers. You'll probably have to integrate new ones.
  2. Run the BuildOptionalComponents script from a full-blown windows install. It takes command line arguments (such as where is your source XP CD, etc).. it'll dump the folder on your desktop with the files you need to copy into the WinPE source.
  3. Yeah, I've done it, and vbscripts do work. You will still want to test them though because I think 99% of the functions are available.
  4. I have WinPE 2004 now, so it's no longer an issue. Thanks for the heads up tho.
  5. WinPE 2004 rocks. Microsoft took care of a few issues in it (such as the lmhosts service not loading with Factory.exe -- which kept you from getting to \\my.server.share.com\sharepoint from net use). They also included a kick-butt little utility that you can use to integrate drivers properly rather than just dropping the files in and praying that they work. (DRVINST.EXE).. Support for WMI, the windows firewall, and PnP (but boot up is slow as molasses when you enable PnP.) All in all, I'm really happy with 2004 \ 1.5
  6. Are you building WinPE with the WinPE 2004 build source or are you using 1.2 or 1.1 build source with SP2? If you're using the WinPE 2004 (1.5) build source, try building with the /nowf and see if it makes a difference. This will disable the built in Windows Firewall. Also, take a look at your Windows XP machines.. since you're behind a NAT / Firewall with the WGR614, you can try disabling the Windows Firewall on those machines -- see if it makes any difference.
  7. You could try adding WSH support (using BuildOptionalComponents.vbs).. that might add enough of a delay. We do something very similar here and we don't have the issue you're talking about, but we load WSH support so it takes a little longer to get to the point when it tries to use the network share. If that's still not long enough you could launch a VBScript with a sleep command (since you'll have added WSH support). I don't know about the rest of your questions, sorry
  8. I've looked at it and it looks real nice but.... We're going to be using Windows PE to deploy Windows XP to an entire enterprise -- so we're trying to stick with using 100% MS or in-house developed tools. There's some enterprise rules here regarding Shareware / Freeware that just make using it not worth it.. But I'm keeping it in my back pocket.
  9. MrCobra: Not everyone uses BartPE BTW, does anyone know what utility I'm talking about in my above post? I've just spent the past hour searching for it and can't find it.. yet I found it the other night and downloaded it at home. Now I'm at work and I need it
  10. I really need this ability too, if anyone has figured it out, please share!
  11. If you have Wise Package Studio you can export registry hives from an MSI as .REG files. I also saw a link to a utility somewhere on this board that converted .REG files to .INF files for WinPE. The combination of those two, plus extracting the files from the installation (which I think you can do with the /a switch, I can't remember)... You may be able to do it with very little effort. The rough part would be figuring out which DLL's you need to register first (unless the DLLs get registered via the registry entries)... it's kind of a crap shoot. Of course, this all depends on if the MSI follows the standards, which a lot of Microsoft's don't.
  12. :tard: Actually, you can edit the registry without using ERD.. At least, I have no problem doing so with WinPE. All you need to do is run regedit, and then select HKLM. You can then go to file and load hive. Browse to C:\Windows\System32\Config\. You'll see files named System, Software, etc. Select the one you wanna modify and call it whatever you want (like Local_Software). Then modify the hive you've loaded, be sure to unload it and you're done.
  13. I have noticed strange things when I built a v1.2 CD using a slipstreamed SP2 install. (Diskpart wouldn't run for some reason). Rumor has it, WinPE 2004 (v1.5) is available. I would ask your TAM or TSS (if you're an MS Enterprise customer) Also, not only is WMI support available, but so is PnP.. It's just slow as molasses with it enabled

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