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Shockwave,flash player,msnmessenger & Sun Java


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Hi, Im new to xpcreate (which I found accidentally while browsing the web). That's what we call a SUPA' program. Superb stuff. I used to do the slipstreaming manually but with xpcreate I can add many patches & hotfixes which I wont be able to do manually. XP XP2 comes with flash player 6. But Is it possible to incorporate shockwave player, flash player, new themes, msn messenger & sun Java runtime environment with xpcreate? If it is possible, then please tell me in which folder should I put them.

Thank you for this great-time-saving-excellent-cool-program.

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The XPCREATE Directories are intended to hold the different Microsoft Windows Updates and Hotfixes, which would not include the programs you mention. There is one directory that is intended for generic program installation, SVC-EXE. Here you may place switchless installers that can be run from SVCPACK.INF. Other than that, you should simply follow make your XPCREATION, use it as the base CD, and follow the instructions from The Unattended Guide at http://unattended.msfn.org.

Welcome, P1R4T3, to MSFN!

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You can do it by replacing the flash.ocx file with the latest one in i386 directory. And also you must edit the existing swflash.inf file in i386 directory of your original Windows Setup CD.

To add/extract/change/edit the files in i386, you must run a search in the forum. If I explain here, I think GreenMachine will be angry with me:)

Good Day..

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Well, I guess I could have mentioned that simply adding the swflash.cab file to SVC-SWF would take care of Macromedia Flash ... THe rest of the issues are not XPCREATE related.

Welcome to MSFN, Body! I'm not angry ... yet!

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Thank you, GreenMachine:)

I just want to say that Macromedia has changed its swflash.cab. XPCREATE With the swflash.cab version of , setup asks for Flash Player Setup disks and in order to continue to setup you must press cancel button on that screen. So the setup continues the installation without the flash plug-in.

I found a simple solution for this issue..If I don't bother you I want to explain just for making compatible with XPCREATE..There are 2 methods. 1st one explains what has to be done in order to integrate Flash Player v7. The 2nd one explains making the Flash Player v7 be compatible with XPCREATE.


1st method:


1. After integrating Sp2 with Windows XP the swflash.in_ file must be extracted from the i386 directory.

2. In this INI file, under the [strings] section just retype the line as:

VersionNumber = "7,0,19,0"

and save it.

3. Then, by using MAKECAB, recompress the swflash.ini as swflash.in_ and overwrite with in the i386 directory of the CD..


1. Delete the flash.oc_ file from the i386 directory of Windows Setup CD.

2. Compress the new flash.ocx file(that must be v7 or later) by using MAKECAB, as flash.oc_

3. Copy the new flash.oc_ to the i386 directory of the CD.



2nd Method;

1. Create the new SWFLASH.IN_ and FLASH.OC_ files as mentioned above without editing i386 directory.

2. Make a package with the name of SWLASH.CAB by using IEXPRESS.

3. Just put this SWFLASH.CAB file into the SVC-SWF directory of XPCREATE.


Last Words:

-->These methods shouldn't be used in the same XPCREATE compilation!

--> GETFLASH.EXE & GETFLASH.MAN files are NOT necessary for both methods.

-->I have tested these with 18 different PCs with EN-US versions of WinXP PRO.

Good Day..

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Hmmm ... Did you try just adding swflash.cab to SVC-SWF? It worked for me as recently as yesterday ... XPCREATE then gets the version number from the .INF file, decompresses the XP inf file, updates the version number, and recompresses it. It also replaces the compressed .OCX file with the with the version from SWFLASH.CAB, also compressed. In fact, it basically does the steps you listed, just as it has for almost a year! That has been tested on thousands of XPCREATIONS! Get it here:


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