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  1. WDS without any plugin is very fast.
  2. Yes you can do it. Normally Opera doesn't support ActiveX controls. But by using a plugin, opera will use IE engine to display the page. No need to switch to IE to go to Windows Update. You'll get the solution on http://www.opera.com/support/search/supsearch.dml?index=415 I hope it helps.
  3. This has been fixed in the weekly betas. Im using 9.01 build 8542 and I saves the image from cache.
  4. I wanted to install awxDTools, but on the download page, this can be read: I didn't download it. Is there a way to install the addin without the adware?
  5. So I can run it like this: REG ADD %KEY%\035 /VE /D "Visual Task Tips" /f REG ADD %KEY%\035 /V 1 /D "%PP%\VISUALTASK\VisualTaskTips_20.exe /S" /f REG ADD HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /v VTTips /d "%SystemDrive%\Program Files\VisualTaskTips\VisualTaskTips.EXE" Thanks for the help man.You've saved me lots of time on this saturday.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I'll try both your recommendations guys and I'll let you know. Thanks.
  7. Yes, doing it in your app will be easy. Check out Managed DirectX SDK, there are examples on audio playback. If you're using vb, you can always try to embed your audio files in resource files. I don't know for mp3 but I know it can be done with wav files.
  8. Hello everybody. Ive just created a CD and Im reviewing some mistakes. Most of them have been corrected but Im having a little problem after installing Visual Task Tips. Here's part of my runonceex: REG ADD %KEY%\035 /VE /D "Visual Task Tips" /f REG ADD %KEY%\035 /V 1 /D "%PP%\VISUALTASK\VisualTaskTips_20.exe /S" /f It installs without any problem but I want it to start with windows. I've added a key to HKCU\Run which points out to "c:\program files\..." The problem here is that this registry key is valid only if the %programfiles% directory is found on C:\. Problems will arise of I'm installing windows on drive other than c:\ Is there any way I can make this app start with windows? Thanks.
  9. If you want some background music when users install your app, InstallShield is the tool. If you want to have some background music while INSTALLING windows, I dont think you can (codec+sound drivers should be loaded). If you want music when users run your application, then it all comes in your coding.
  10. Thanks for the tips man. This will do the silent install. But will it set this cursor as the default one?
  11. Can someone please upload the modified version which does not restart when using the /quiet /norestart switch?
  12. Thats great Can you please upload the modified msi?
  13. Hello everybody. Im currently preparing a new cd and Ive got a bunch or cursors that I would like to include in the cd. To install the cursor, I have to right-click on an INF file and select install. Is it possible to install the cursors while installing other apps in runonceex and if possible is there any registry tweak to set the default cursor (the one that I'll be installing)? Thanks.

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