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computer name using setupmgr.exe

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When using setupmgr.exe, it gives the option to include a text file of computer names. If im using the same cd on multiple computers, will it locate the network to see what names it already used from the file, or how does that work. Anyone know??

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I can't speak for setupmgr.exe, but here is a trick we use at my office to prevent duplicate names, and to ensure each system gets the name it is suppossed to. Maybe it will give you some alternate ideas on how to get the results you are looking for.

Each system (All Dells) has it's designated computer name entered into the "Asset" field of the sysem BIOS when it is first delivered. Then our image uses a program from Dell called SM_INFO.exe, which is run on login and pulls the name out of the BIOS, and uses it to create a .reg file with the computer name, which is then imported into the system registry on first login.

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The multiple-computername thing in setupmgr is a little obscure. If you let it generate a batch file to run your setup (option on the last page of the wizard) it will show you the syntax that you need to use.

Basically it allows you to use one unattend file and modify the settings in that unattend file with another file. So you'd say

winnt32 /unattend:myunattend.txt /udf:mercury,myunattend.udb

...and then instead of using the computername from your unattend it would open up "myunattend.udb" and look for a "mercury" setting.

There is another way to use it (providing UFD data on a floppy) but it's more complicated and again, very obscure.

Note: None of this does any checking to make sure that your computername is unique -- it just provides another method of setting it.

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