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Computer won't start


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I hope somone can help me with this one.

My friend has serious problems with his computer.

When he starts it up, it goes past the bootscreen (verifying IDE-devices, etc.), and then it just stops at "Verifying pool data", and it won't go any further.

Anyone who can help us?


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Try resetting the bios

This issue can be caused by any of the following:

Corrupt boot files on the computer.

Settings for hard disk drive are not correct.

Boot devices not set properly.

BIOS corrupt or misc. setting not set properly.

Connections loose or disconnected.

Bad Hard disk drive or other bad hardware.

(Found on google in .35 seconds)

(hope this helps you)

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You need to find the "Clear CMOS" jumper on the motherboard. Or you could look for the setting in the BIOS for "Reset ESOD data" or "Reset Configuration Data", it's usually under the section in the BIOS that has the option "Plug-n-Play OS Installed=Yes or No"

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Before I went crazy with clearing BIOS and unplugging everything. I would hold down the F8 key while it is starting to boot then select boot into safe mode. Once in safe mode go to device manager and look for conflicts. If there are no conflicts then, from Device Manager, remove any and all devices that are in a PCI slot on your MoBo. Restart, and your system should re-detect all of the devices and work fine. B)

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bullet i don't think he can't get that far since his hard drives are not being detected anymore. so i don't think that would help him.

i think u got confused when he said bootscreen. I think what he means

is the Bios BootScreen and not Windows BootScreen.


you best bet is to hit delete or f1 depending on your bios type

find where it say to reset bios to default.




now if that does not work

unplug all the ribbons to the hard drives, reconnect make sure they are all connected properly.


if that does not work

pull out the memory RAM plug it in to another slot.


if that does not work

pull out all your PCI CARDS

reseat them making sure they all plugged in well.


if that does not work you go to the final solution

find his motherboard manual, look for bios jumpers.

if he does not have a manual. u will hv to go to the net and look

for the diagram of the motherboard.

follow the instructions on the manual on how to RESET the bios.

if that does not work... send it to greenland :) joke.

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