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shares thru command line?


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anybody knows a tool to set-up shares on a server thru command line??

i'd like to move all the home-shares from one server to another. for security i'd use CACLS but how create the shares?

is there a tool in the reskit?

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net use x: \\server\share is how to connect a drive to a share

net use h: \\frotto\os2fan2$

How ever, if you want to create the share \\frotto\$os2fan2, you need to run this command from frotto

net share os2fan$ d:\users\os2fan2

The $ sign at the end of the share prevents the share comming up in the browser, but if you want to see the thing from anyone's computer, make the share without the $ sign, eg net use g: \\frotto\groups

You can add additional flags, which are revealed via net use /? and net share /?

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