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K-Lite Mega Codec Pack


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For me though It looks like it's installing media player even though I say not to in my inf and it's not totally silent (QT Alternative was fixed by using /VERYSILENT) Will this work?

This happen to me too, even though I followed exactly the silent guide.


The problem is using the pwd relative path command,


It wasn't even reading my inf file, so I use the absolute path instead. ie.


That solved my problem, hopefully yours too.

Also, you might want to removed the /DIR from your silent.inf and instead place that switch inline with a slight modification for better portablility.

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That sort of a solution (restricting free speech) goes against a lot of principles. Figure out what I mean to say... 'tis better I don't expand on it.

Moreover, people normally register/sign-up to get help (or ask a question which they found un-handleable by themselves) - if they had to keep quiet without posting, they'd as well not register and keep browsing the forums as a guest. I do know it because I utilised this forum for 6 months, before I finally felt that I wanted to register - and when I did, that was because I wanted to immediately ask a question, and wanted an urgent answer!

Fact is, there's no need to do anything about this. Because, if someone doesn't know the answer (atleast on MSFN) they just pass through that thread without replying. If someone DOES know the answer, they reply. If someone knows that the answer has been discussed many times in the past, they reply saying something about searching - and that normally happens with a "fully-in-flow" participatory member, who feels that they got to help where possible. After some time, even they start getting annoyed and won't reply if the answer is obvious enough to be found - by that time, someone else would have either replied with a solution, or some other member is "in-flow" to comment about searching. If you feel annoyed about something, just don't reply - the thread starter will usually get round to using the search button after some days of no responses.

That's my 2c on this... nothing but a mass of thoughts... pass it by dudes - nothing worth the time spent on reading, in this post of mine. Of course, you're free to dis-agree and state your own view, but please keep replies on-topic (without straying off-course).

I haffta agree. I've been trying to figure all this out without asking any questions or help from anyone. Most of the stuff I wanna know already has been covered.

The only reason I jumped in and registered was to let one message I seen posted about Japan releasing a Sony with a TB hard drive or something.

I hurried and let everyone know you can get a LaCie 7200 RPM USB2, or Firewire 400/800 hard drive as well. 500 GB and 1 TB drives. 1 TB use to be 800 something but is back up to 906. It use to be 1200 when it first came out. So it's dancing a bit.

Location if anyone is interested is at compusabusiness.com

Look in the Hard Drives and narrow your search to 500Gigs and Higher.

So... Anyone with the desire to get a TB hard drive won't haffta wait for Japan to release their Sony computers and charge 4 grand for the setup.

Was it worth me jumping in with my 2 cents?

If anyone gets excited and rushes off to get their own TB drive, I'd say so.

If I had to wait a week, I'd have moved on and never signed up.

Some people get addicted to Forums. Some people don't.

The reason I don't care for them much is because often times than not, the Administrators of forums get on an "I'm GOD!" trip. And it's easier to move

on than trying to put them in their place.

I'm sure plenty of people can agree with that. Life is to short to be behind your monitor trying to prove a point.

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