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  1. The help files would be copied over but the language integration will not because you've deleted the setup files. NCAB can do what you're asking for.
  2. Basic and Slim Versions are available. http://www.ccleaner.com/downloadbuilds.asp
  3. @lib30 NCAB is not compatible with Windows 2000. @DaSilva the uninstall process is handle by Nero's uninstaller. Any changes you make after the normal installation procedure will not be recorded for the uninstall process.
  4. Finally a new update. But don't get your hopes up for new features or quick updates anymore, I'm basically done with this project. I think this is as good as it's going to get. I've release this new update to mainly address a reduced functionality issue for Nero Update Package 2 users. So thanks everyone for your support and I did enjoy working on this project. Version 2.11 2006-02-02 -------------------------------------- - Added support for latest versions of Nero- and NVE- - Automatically removes Yahoo toolbar from distribution. (1.2MB) - Fixed a possible loss of functionality issue for users of Nero Update Package 2. - Removed my Nero Video Decoder and NeroFilter check option for better compatibility.
  5. @Branstrom No, but you can stop Nero Express popups during CD insertions by uncommenting the :: In otherwords, remove the :: in front of the reg delete code. @devilrunner I don't know. If you mean differently as in different install directory \Program Files(x86) ....then I would try opening Nero_Installer.cmd look for this line set NeroDir=%ProgramFiles%\Ahead Replace it with set NeroDir=%ProgramFilesDir(x86)%\Ahead (maybe someone can confirm this variable exists) No, but NCAB will remove any Win9x files and certain DLLs which are not necessary if you have WinXP SP-2. The actual setup routine is still Nero's own installer.Good Luck
  6. Hi Moonlight Sonata, I just did a quick test on 25Mb of mp3s. Same settings as you, but I'm using v4.23 not the beta. Archived, extracted, add an additional 50Kb file to it, re-archived again. Roughly the same size. Perhaps there's something going on with v4.24.
  7. @englishmen I guess I should rephrase what I said earlier, it will clear all traces of Nero filter check but only after a reboot is made. Remember for this silent install we suppressed the reboot option. This should not be a problem during your actual unattended install if you remember that all AV/Spyware utilities should be the last items installed during unattended setup. Sorry that's outta of my control, that's just the way the Nero installer works. Try setting it to %ProgramFiles%\Installed Software then when it installs, it will be C:\Program Files\Installed Software\Nero Not the most elegant solution, but you'll have one less folder. One warning though, I don't know exactly what will happen when u uninstall it using this shorten path directory. Most likely, your other programs in this directory will be fine, but I thought you should know in case Nero's Uninstaller tries to remove the entire Installed Software directory. That would be bad.
  8. When it's release, I'll look into it, but don't expect anything right away. With v2.10, NCAB removes all traces of Nero filter check automatically.
  9. @`Felix` Perhaps you have not looked at Nero_Installer.cmd carefully, but you can do all of that already and in fewer lines of code.
  10. New version NCAB is available. Version 2.10 2005-09-08 -------------------------------------- - Changed NCAB distribution method to self-extracting archive. This should help out those users with tweaked cmd starting directories and users with unconventional WinRAR install paths. And with this method, hopefully a simpler process for all users. - Removed WinRAR requirement. - Added an option to remove DOS BootImage file. (798 KB) - Option to remove Nero Video Decoder. (596 KB) - Removed NeroFilter check. (58 KB) - Optimized code for English Language pack users. (65 KB) - Changing Nero's installation directory is possible now. - Other minor code changes.
  11. I use the newer MPEG-4 AVC setting and I have a standard installation of K-Lite Mega Pack 1.37 + BSPlayer. When I use MP Classic, I get unplayable video like you, but I usually use BSPlayer or PowerDVD, and they play perfectly. However, if I remove NeVideo.ax or rename it, then none of the players are able to recognize it.Anyways the point being, some users are able to play MPEG-2,4 files without having to use Nero's decoder because they have a capable alternative decoder installed while others may not. And since I'm making NCAB for a variety of users, it may not be wise to remove something that is inherently part of the Nero Suite. But I suppose if you know the consequences and you don't need it, removing Nero's decoder would reduce 596 KB from the installer. By the way, the MPEG-4 AVC Standard profile offers 2x better compression than the regular MPEG-4 Standard, but at the expense of 6x longer encoding time. I'm sure that over time it will be improved, but for now a 3min MPEG-2 clip takes close to 20mins to complete (2pass, AVC-Standard, 5.1-ch HE-AAC 256kb on a P4 3.0GHz, 1GB RAM). I think that is true. Though, Ahead is really pushing hard to make Nero Digital Certified mainstream, much like DivX was/is. So in the future we might find more feature support in other players. No, that's incorrect, and the opposite is true. There's no need to fiddle with the Cleanup section.
  12. You should try the latest NCAB v2.08. There's better optimization overall. I would consider not being able to playback the files created in Nero Recode -- a loss of functionality, because NeVideo.DLL is not only responsible for MPEG-2 decoding but also MPEG-1,4 & AVC decoding. Still generally speaking, plain Nero users may not find it necessary. I will have to balance out the pros and cons.
  13. @ZileXa I'll look into it, but I'm hesitant about removing certain features (even optionally) when the feature provides functionality for the entire suite. Have you tried K-Lite's Codec Tweak Tool to disable NeroDigital parser and Nero MPEG video decoder? That might be an easier and better solution, since you can also re-enable it when u need to.
  14. made a slight change, try it again. explorer %systemroot%\fonts ping -n 10>nul taskkill /fi "windowtitle eq %systemroot%\Fonts" /im explorer.exe taskkill /fi "windowtitle eq Fonts" /im explorer.exe
  15. Here's an alternative script to Autoit. explorer %systemroot%\fonts ping -n 10>nul taskkill /fi "windowtitle eq %systemroot%\Fonts" /im explorer.exe taskkill /fi "windowtitle eq Fonts" /im explorer.exe
  16. You enter your name/company info in-between the quotes. :: ----- Username and Company Info ----- reg add "HKLM\Software\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Info" /v User /d "" /f reg add "HKLM\Software\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Info" /v Company /d "" /f With the last two versions, Nero may have added an additional key in the registry. Add this line to the Nero Cleanup section to get rid of it. reg delete HKLM\Software\Ahead\shared /v EnabledOffers /f My next release will come when the new version of Nero is released. Which should be any day now.
  17. This issue has been discussed before in my thread. Modifying/Customizing the starting directory for the command prompt will cause NCAB to not find the required files. This issue will be fixed in my next release. In the meantime, change your command processor back to the default setting. reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Command Processor" /v AutoRun /d "" /f
  18. the successor to DVDShrink -> Nero Recode.
  19. Yes you could move it and you can rename the file afterwards. Just run Nero_Custom_Setup.exe to install. No you can not use the switch like that, it has to been in the Nero_Installer.cmd. Just follow the guide by JohnS. Or you can just wait for my new version which is coming out very soon which will have the new code and some other goodies.
  20. No, it's not harder, but this aspect is not high on my list of priorties right now. Plus removing extensions won't save you any space. It's kinda anal to worry about stuff like this, but then again sometimes I find myself to be anal too. But since you had the time to figure out which extensions you like to remove, may I suggest you try to learn some simple batch skills yourself. It's not that hard to learn and you feel much better when you can solve a problem on your own. For starters, look into the for command. for /? and my cleanup code as a reference.
  21. i couldn't find a switch either, so i just ran the installer. when it finished extracting, winkey+R %tmp% copy the extracted folder to another location. exit the installation. Actually you might need to go ahead with installing the program, if you wish to extract the encrypted registration key. you may remove some win95 files and photodex presenter plugin. Repackage it using 7zip or winrar. Although there are some registry entries, none of it is really that essential to running of the program, except if you use ProShow Gold internal burning engine to make your cd or dvd. That's all for now, i may make a more thorough guide later.
  22. @JohnS great find. I'll probably add this to my next version. Where it says /PATH="%ZZ%", add the quotes because the variable may contain spaces. EDIT: I believe this is due to your testing of different configurations in NCAB (installing/uninstalling/re-installing without rebooting). Use the Nero Clean-up Utility. That might help you fix that problem.
  23. @pauluk83 This sounds like a similiar problem someone mentioned awhile ago. If you modify the starting directory when a cmd prompt is opened, plz restore back to default and that should fix your problem.
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