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fourte3n says Hello!


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Hi Just introducing myself.... about a month too late but, oh well.

Just a few things.... Australians DONT ride kangaroos, In fact the closest one to me right now would be over 25km's away. We DONT all dress like the Crocadile Hunter or Crocodile Dundee.

It's not really that dangerous here, (i've heard the horror stories they tell people from OS about giant spiders, snakes and sharks.) To be honist there is MUCH more in South Africa / South America.

Yes we ride on the left side of the road, but so does most of the rest of the world!

I dont say "g'day" "crikey" "blimey" "corker" and only know one person who does!

I dont have a pet koala

And my neighbour is only meters away... not 10's of miles.

enjoy :lol:

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