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AntiVir Switches


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extract the file you downloaded.

then install it silently with this batch-script.

(the batch kills the scanning after setup and the antivir-guard in system-tray...)


avwinsfx\Setup.exe /silent


taskkill.exe /F /IM AVWIN.EXE

if errorlevel 1 GOTO kill

taskkill.exe /F /IM AVGNT.EXE


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Try this.

1) Download AntiVir Pro. From http://www.hbedv.com/en/products/antivir_w...tion/index.html (select AntiVir Windows Workstation - zip version)

2) Extract the file "\disk_1\Admin\setup.inf".

3) Open Setup.inf with at text - editor and change it setting to following :






Scan=2 prevent scan during installation.

4) Download AntiVir Personal Edition and extract the files for installation.

Start the install, for exampel like this :

"C:\install\Antivir\disk_1\setup.exe /INFc:\install\Antivir\setup.inf /PATHc:\install\Antivir\disk_1"

Use the whole path to setup.exe and setup.inf

/PATH tell where the installation files are.

It install silent :)

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thx @chaos

i do it this way now:


7z x "avwinsfx.exe" -aoa -o"%TEMP%"

COPY setup.inf "%TEMP%\disk_1\setup.inf"

CD /D "%TEMP%\disk_1"

START /WAIT setup.exe /INF.\setup.inf

CD ..

RD /S /Q "%TEMP%\disk_1"


1.) download AntiVir-free

2.) check the "setup.inf" and change like "chaos" explained. comment this line:


3.) get 7-zip (http://www.7-zip.org/)

3.) use the batch above...

all files are in the same directory: avwinsfx.exe, setup.bat, setup.inf

i extract the file on command line with 7z (http://www.7-zip.org/). i'm sure there are other ways to unzip...i did it that way.

(perhaps you wonder why i don't do this: START /WAIT setup.exe /INF"%TEMP%\disk_1\setup.inf" -> it doesn't work if you have spaces in your path. so i just copy the inf in the same dir...)

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  • 7 months later...

:no: i dont know what i do wrong...

i have tried all of the ways to install AntiVir silent, it installs silent om my pc, but everytime again, i put it in my unattended cd and, poef, there pops up the ui...

i have made a several repacks with iexpress with all the possible switches i have found about antivir...

:thumbup Also i think i have discovered a new way to install it silent with iexpress touch it thus not work for me...

It works fine on a normal pc but not on Microsoft Virtual Machine...

Anyone idee's?

i have a copy on my server, if it works on somebody's virtual machine please let me know! masterx@megax.org i'm workink on this program for more than 1 week :wacko: all the rest works fine, my image is already 2.96Gb just this stupid antivirus app is getting me crazy :(

here is the example:




Install Program: setup.exe /INFsetup.inf /silent @no_scan

Post install Command: nircmd.exe win close class "CabinetWClass"


place nircmd.exe in your system32 folder then you should be able to launch nircmd from everywhere on your pc

nircmd is a commandline tool with some nice futeres like open/close cd tray, create desktop shortcuts to mute the system volume, to a website...

here is a link to there site:


Always verry low prices Computers!


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maybe i've missed somethin the past few month but I'm pretty sure that it's still not possible to install the current versions of the free antivir silently.

this function has been removed by H+B EDV way back in winter 2004.

its now only available for sys admins who work with the expensive corp edition or other non-free versions.

if that is not so i will apreciate a short note on that here since i'm looking for ways to get that function back myself.

my solution is to keep using the old (last version with silent switches)

and update manually after install finishes.

greetz sneakyghost

ps: b4 i forget that: even with that version u have 2 use the setup.inf method! doesn'work otherwise...

Edited by Sneakyghost
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