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(Bart PE) Plugin for Visual Basic 3.0

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but you really should give your post a meaningful title, see rule #12

Sorry it wont happen again i've read all rules now :yes:

Take VB.EXE and VBRUN300.DLL put them in \PLUGIN\VB\FILES

the VB.inf

; VB.inf
; PE Builder v3 plug-in INF file for visual Basic 3.0
; Created by Malok

Signature= "$Windows NT$"

Name="Visual Basic 3.0"



nu2menu.xml, VB_nu2menu.xml

to add it to NU2Menu

<!-- Nu2Menu entry for Visual Basic 3.0 -->   
<MENU ID="Applications">      
       <MITEM TYPE="ITEM" DISABLED="@Not(@FileExists(@GetProgramDrive()\Programs\VB\VB.EXE))" CMD="RUN" FUNC="@GetProgramDrive()\Programs\VB\VB.EXE">Visual Basic</MITEM>

it gives you all the basic command and it's very usefull for all kind of small tasks you may want to automate....

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