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Yellow questionmark in the systray ... ?


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I've tried searching for info on this icon but can't find anything ...

Sometimes it showes up and disappears again if I click on it - but what's the point of that ?

This is what I'm talking about: q-mark.jpg

Please let me know :)

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That looks like the icon you get when

you havent actually setup automatic updates in SP2.

rightclick my computer, select properties

select the automatic updates tab, and make a choice

on / off / download / notify ....

once this is setup, the icon no longer appears.

OR, i may be completely wrong .....


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Ahh could be something with that. I don't use automatic update - I use AutoPatcher instead - but anyway I've turned automatic update completely off.

I just wanted to make sure it wasn't something critical - and I don't believe it is. Maybe MS would like people to update when this appears but I'd rather control the update myself ;).

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To turn the yellow exclamation that appears on your network icon in the system tray,

click Start

click control panel

open Network Connections

Right click on the LAN Connection with said icon

Select Properties

on the General tab, deselect the checkbox

click ok

close network connections box

close control panel

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That's windows notifying you of either an error of some kind or a service failure or something not good (often data corruption)!

You should check event viewer to see what the problem is. Right-click on My computer -> Manage -> System tools -> Event Viewer. Take a look at both the system and application logs. Items with either a red X or the familiar yellow ! should be viewed. They all have timestamps to make it a bit easier to link each one to when it happened. Double click on one for more details.

Hope that clears things up,


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