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  1. Figured out my problem: The window (the delete command) was hidden but the window of CMDOW running was the one visible. Ended using a link to the .cmd file which has the CMDOW @ /HID in it. The link is minized but still showing briefly on the taskbar, which is allright.
  2. Hmm... doesn't work. Maybe I'm doing it wrong - should I make a shortcut to the file or is it OK to just make an entry in fx. startup folder/registry pointing to that CMD file?
  3. I'm trying to get it to work as well. I need the file Winamp.m3u to be deleted on startup and for that I've created a CMD file in the same folder, containing: @echo off cmdow @ /hid /min del winamp.m3u When I run it I still see the window - both as it pops up and on the taskbar. What am I doing wrong... I guess I'm using cmdow in a wrong way, I just don't know how. Let me know.
  4. Figured it out . Found all entries in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\ and deleted: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\open HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\.p2p (<- Don't know why this was put here) Don't remove the 'explore' key - then you can't double-click & open folders in explorer... just tried it out
  5. Thanx MCT, found the thread. I'll go through those keys... se if there's any similarity.
  6. Notice Open/Open with on the Recycle bin righclick menu - and since they're not needed in any way I'd like to remove them. Honestly I don't think it's possible because those entries are added to all folders... but maybe I'm wrong. Any of you experts know???
  7. I believe it's solved now... by doing a reinstall of the browser. Thanx for pointing me in another direction, faf4life.
  8. Seems like it could be so... even though IE is what NetCaptor is based on, I don't see them (yet) using IE 6.0. Better try reinstalling NetCaptor or trying the lastest version.
  9. Yeah of course a dumb a** suggestion like that would show up. f***heads are everywhere...
  10. I'm using Windows XP and the browser is NetCaptor. A couple of days ago I reinstalled windows but now it wont show GIF files correctly. Some works, some doesn't - and those that don't, I can get to work by right clicking and choosing Show Picture. So it's not because the pictures are wrong/disappeared. It's showed with a RED X. I've checked the GIF key in the registry and it's set correct with a Content Type = image/gif, and a Percieved Type = image. I don't know what to do next... please help!
  11. What am I doing wrong with this /silent command ... it just opens the program: "E:\Appz\Visual Effects Changer XP v1.0.0\SetVisualEffects.exe" "/silent" Thx

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