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Need help finding Registry Tweaks

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I'm making my registry tweak file and want to know if anyone knows how to do these:

- Change Sounds settings to "No Sounds"

- Change Power Settings

Just a point in the right direction will do if nonone knows... I've been looking but found nothing yet.

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Hello everyone,

I think Registry Monitors can help you in this situation because they give you real-time changes.

you can use this tools to see which values or Keys has been modified, deleted or added.

I prefer using Regmon which you can find Here.

Don't forget to filter its monitoring to only Log writes and logs success in order to see only what has been changed.

Good Luck :thumbup

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well.. i figured out the sound setting... it's all done. :)

Now im mapping out the reg settings for all default icons (all that IconPackager Replaces) It's a Looooong process but will be worth it in the end. I want to have XP fully skinned after install. I have posted the WMP10 skin reg in the registry tweaks area.

I'll post the icon setting if anyone wants (when its done) you will need to edit for your own files but at least the icons are sorted.

Oh... and i've got the cusor reg bits also.. :)

thanks for peoples help... I'm still scrounging for the power settings.

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