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Xcopy Dos Command Question for Windows XP


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Ok this is my problem , I have around 7000 files sorted into around 400 folders , i need to extract all the files from all 400 folders into a Folder of my choice , The only way i know how to do this right now is ......

1. Use WinRar and Rar all the folders into 1 Rar File

2. Extract all the files but Check the Do Not Extract Full Path Names Option

3. Then rescan all my files into there correct folders

I do this action everytime a new version of the files comes out , Does anyone know of a program or a Dos command that can just move all the files from within folders ....into 1 folder ???

Thanks Alot


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Could you post some more info on the files, i.e. structure of directories/subdirectories, extensions of files, attributes of files?

Most probably the most efficient solution is to use a small batch file to generate a "listfile" to be feeded to WINRAR.


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