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Windows XP Release Schedule


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Windows XP SP2 will be RTM on August 5th, 2004.

Windows XP SP2 will be RTW on August 10th, 2004.

Windows XP SP2 will be WUR on August 25th, 2004.

(Out of topic: I will make a unattended CD when Windows XP SP2 is released, so I can install Windows XP on my computer in shorter time.)

WUR stands for Windows Update Released.

RTW stands for Release to Web.

RTM stands for Release to Manufacturing.

All information is referred, maybe there is something wrong. Please refer to the news from Microsoft if that so.

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Probably cannot give you a link because this comes from the "other" Web site that we here refer to as "spam".

ha ha ha, I don't know a good reason why MSFN does that (censoring that site).

BTW, I don't think it is the best practice to pick up rumours from one site's forum, and give it "Official" status.

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No....I'm not CreamHackered. lol. Sure just because I know my stuff.....but no, can't say that I am. Or I would have already posted it here :) My name is still Alanoll there, or some variation there of. I just don't post much there. Not as good an Unattended section. I can't even find it anymore :rolleyes:

Also, Neow1n has alot more spam sites then MSFN does. They have what...20...30? MSFN has 1. And even though I'm a MOD, all I've managed to piece together is that it's a grudge dating back to Whistler.

Thought I did know the RTM was due out this week, I assumed Wednesday. But leave it to Microsoft to pick THURSDAY and ruin everyone's weekend :D

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Well, more specifically, I was asking for the "Microsoft news" link :)

Oh, I don't have any links about Windows XP SP2 from Microsoft News..

but I translate Traditional Chinese to English from ICST Forum in Taiwan.

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