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SP2 set to go Gold in August


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offtopic: can you translate me what does it mean "Mundian to Bachke"
Well, I don't know the Punjabi language thoroughly, but I do know a bit -

"Mundian to Bachke" would mean "Beware O young men" (from attractive girls, I would think, in the context of the song). I suppose it's a humorous way of telling to the men in the song, what would in English be translated as "Don't let them own you".

A pleasant surprise that someone living in Spain should have heard a Punjabi song! OK, dudes - we've gone sufficiently off topic, now back to the subject of discussion.

I'd make a guess that we're standing not more than 1 week away from release of SP2 final :)

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offtopic: can you translate me what does it mean "Mundian to Bachke"
I'd make a guess that we're standing not more than 1 week away from release of SP2 final :D

i think the same, it's supposed to be out the 5th as much the first or second week of august. i'm waiting for it since june that's why i still haven't recorded my unattended cd :)

ps: thanks a lot for the translation :rolleyes:

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English be the first mate. Though it's not the official language in most countries, it is the 2nd largest language base, first being Chinese but that's just because of the few billion people in the country.

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Using MS logic it should be out at the end of the month.

They said the 4th but they really meant the 14th. Then they get your hopes up and say things are looking good and it will be the 13th. Finally, they say that they transposed the numbers and it will be out on the 31st. :)

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what about french (the second world official language)??

There is a official world language??? whats its called? worldish?? :rolleyes: Since french is the second official, where's english?? :)

let me explain: english it's the more officially spoken language in every country, as french it's the second and third it's spanish (this is messured by the number of people that officially speak it)

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would it be released as the monthly security updates/hotfixes next week. I read on the info for the lastest Cumulative for IE that some time this week you will get an upto to Windows update version 5 if you have automatic download set.

What is Windows Update Version 5?

Windows Update Version 5 is the newest version of the Windows Update service that began rolling out to customers this week. There are several enhancements in Windows Update Version 5 that will not only help users keep their PCs secure but will improve ease of use and discoverability of the site. The site now offers two easy-to-use installation options – Express and Custom -- to quickly find the updates that best meet a customer’s need. WU and AU are now both optimized for dial up and low bandwidth users. For instance, if a customer loses Internet connectivity, the download will pick up where it left off in the last download session. A new homepage design and navigation taxonomy also make Windows Update easier to navigate and provide better integration with related customer offerings such as Automatic Update.

Taken from the FAQ section here.

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well, gotta remember who makes the software :)

English, Japanese and German........Indian workers. The only reason there isn't a Indian (don't know the proper designation, but people from India) release is because of the poverty level in the country. my guess anyways.

That's called going overboard without knowing about what you are talking.

Firstly, India is not the the pitiful,miserable country mired in poverty that some people seem to think. Secondly, India is not a shark preparing to eat up foreign jobs either (as propaganda in the US seems to suggest). It is a normal country, with as many problems and good points as any other democratic nation.

I suppose forums like these are what open your mind to a global outlook, and picking up good practices is an option we all ought to exercise - instead of continuing to stereotype people. I am proud to be Indian


OK, now I ease up. As for why there isn't an Indian-ised version of Windows:

  • 1. There isn't a mono-language called "Indian". We have a multi-lingual culture, and each region here speaks its own language (Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, etc.) - 80 languages in all.
  • 2. Predictably, each of the above languages have varying number of speakers, the largest being Hindi with 350 million.
  • 3. Now, let's see how many people speak one of the smaller european languages - that fact will tell you that, Microsoft in its arrogance never bothered to localise their software for India (unlike their arabic/spanish/french/german/japanese editions) despite the presence of numbers.
  • 4. The language of elitism has been english since a century (because of the legacy of british rule) - and common-sense says that computing was the preserve of the elite at first. Although now the common people have access to PCs, the supremacy of knowledge of english is re-inforced by MS's blatant profit-motives.
  • 5. The average man on the street would still prefer to not pay for his OS, and pirate it - and he knows english. The man who doesn't know english, is, well, not in a position to buy a PC at all, nor visit an internet parlour ("poverty" as you said). So MS doesn't have an incentive to develop "Windows for Hindi" and such editions. But then, I guess they haven't heard of the concept of corporate responsibility either (after sucking the blood out of the Indians they employ as slaves - sorry, programmers).

really didn't mean to offend you....

but it was just a generalization.

But you're last few points do kinda illustrate my point. Microsoft is in it only for the money.....they don't make much money from India. The multi-lingual makes it even worse. Thinking economically here and business wanting money, who would spend their money developing a language version for windows, when it will most likely either not get bought, or it will be pirated? Morally they should make it, but monetarily, they shouldn't.

I did learn quite a bit of Indian culture however, and I thank you for that. I like learning new things.

Also, I only used Indian as a example. It is always the the languages that produce the least amount of profit that get things last.

Have a good day prathapml

We'll get that MSI working yet

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