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winnt32.exe /noreboot


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i tryed everything but the string "winnt32.exe /noreboot" doesn't work with me.

i get the same error to: CDBOOT: cannot boot from cd - Code 5

i did everything acording the manual... like 7 times now.

i tryed it with and without SP1???

still get the same problem.

please help!!!

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my cd shell.ini looks like this..

i only changed: Press Enter to boot from DVD...

in to dutch.. changed it back to english din't work either.??




print "\n"

print "Druk op Enter om te starten vanaf DVD... \n"

getkey 5 boot 0x80

if $lastKey == key[enter]; then goto menu

goto boot


set textColor= color[grey on black]

set boldColor= color[cyan on black]


print "1) Windows XP Professional Corporate \n"

print "2) Windows XP Professional OEM \n"

print "3) Windows XP Professional Engels \n"

print "\n"

print "Q) Dit menu afsluiten \n"

print "R) Opnieuw opstarten \n"

print "ESC) Opstarten vanaf vaste schijf \n"

print c "\n"


getkey 20 boot 0x80

if $lastKey == key[1]; then chain \PRO2.DAT

if $lastKey == key[2]; then chain \PRO3.DAT

if $lastKey == key[3]; then chain \PRO1.DAT

if $lastKey == key[q]; then end

if $lastKey == key[r]; then reboot

if $lastKey == key[esc]; then boot 0x80


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i did that all acording to the dutch book and the english site. nothing works.

i tryed to extract a new boot sector with isobuster.

i changed the name into PRO1.DAT and tryed to hex it..

it says somthing like parameters wrong ?? i dont know what it means.

help help

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screenshots help when I have no idea what you're talking about :)

ERROR CODE 5 is typically cause by bad hexing. It matters if you use CAPITAL letters or not. Not in the file names, but when hexing. Be sure you're also hexing SETUPLDR.BIN correctly as well...

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i did everything acording the manual in internet, including the capitals.

i can't give any pics. at the moment but they will come, my comp. is in dutch but i have an english one to, ill try there to get an pic.

i have no idea what i do wrong, i checkt everything 3x and eveything is like the manual says..

could it maby be that my OS that i want to put on DVD is in dutch??

or that my OS verion that i'm working with is in dutch ??

i think it doesn't matter becouse i want to put an english version to and that doesn't work ether??

maby i put cd shell files wrong ?? :)

the hexing went fine and acording manual i checked it an it is with capitals.

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It is in these situations, where you don't know where the problem lies, that a good multi-boot maker comes into play. With EasyBoot, you know for sure that it works (if there was no user error :)), and don't need to bother fixing it for bugs in code - you can concentrate on what you are doing instead of dealing with the boot-loader.

Get EasyBoot here.

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