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defragmentation help plz


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I did not understand your question though its okay for your computer to be making scratching noises and freezes especially if u have 1 hdd and defragmenting it and at the same time doing things in windows

if u want to do whatever u want to do while defragging set the defragmenttation level to a lower state

and which program are u using for defragging? (windows defrag?)

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when i try to defrag my computer make a scratching noise and freezing. is there  any way i can reinstall it from any were or a place to download it? any help would be thankful

Me personally, I rather do a boot defrag. Mostly all the files are closed. The system has greater access to the files. If you do it while you're working more files will be locked and the defragger can't move them.

Diskeeper has a boot defrag option. I know there are a few others, but don't remember.

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