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Planned new system


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Hello All!

I'm planning on replacing all the computers in the house w/ the following.

DFI KM400-MLV" KM400 Chipset

Antec Aria Model - LS-968

Maxtor sata - 250 gb ZY250m0 or

Western Digital - 250 gb wd2500jd

AMD 3200

OCZ Model - OCZ4001024DLDC-K

pc3200 1024 gb 2 x 512 mb

I want a small footprint.


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oh forgive me..

Nah You're straight. My eyesite is not @ it's best. As long as it's 1024x768x32bit color & 30fps, Oh, and no flickering.I'm happy. Right now in this system that I'm on it's only got a ATI Radeon 7000 card in it w/ a Dell Ultra Sharp 1901FP

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Those are very nice PC specs.  I wish I could have a computer like that.  :)

That's what I'd like. Doesn't mean that I'll be able to get all.

Actually 1 PC needs replacing BAD. It's an old p3 550, and serves as a workstation. Also there is a Power Edge 1350/500 Server. Which is old and slow. It was ONCE a nice server for it's day. My PC has a7n8x w/ 2500 & 768mb of ram. My pc it'll probably be passed down to my oldest son. He's into his GBA roms and games. I'll get him a kick a** graphics card for him. I'll just build me the ones w/ the above specs. My wife wants a machine too, for what she only checks email...:rolleyes: Then there is my daughter. It would be nice to get one of those Hello Kitty cases for her. So, that all of my house in a nutshell. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Oh Yeah. I luv my Dell Ultra Sharp 19" Flat Panel!!!!

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Those are very nice PC specs.  I wish I could have a computer like that.  :rolleyes:

How many PCs do you need to replace, how much does 1 PC like that cost, will you build or buy, and what function will each one serve (e.g. workstation, server, media PC, etc)? :)

Well, my other post didn't make it. I thought it posted...:D I guess not. Anyways. My oldest son has a p3 550. I want to replace it. Then I want to upgrade mine and give it to him. Then build me a new one. I have 1 Dell PowerEdge 1350/500 Server it's old and slow. It was great in it's day but not now. The server I was thinking of getting an opteron or a 64 chip. But those chips cost and arm & a leg. But the prices will come down.

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