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Trueimage Integration


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Does anybody know if it is possible to integrate acronis trueimage in a windows PE CD, (Bart´s PE)?,

what I want to do is to make a windows PE CD or a ERD commander CD or something else that permits me to boot from, and restore a trueimage backup in a pair of disks in RAID-0 mode.

is this possible??


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you can make a bootable cd for true image or any low level acronis application using the create bootable media option in true image

then once you boot with that cd you can restore whatever images you got on to any drive on your system

ive tried running acrnois partition expert from a bartpe session but couldnt get it to work correctly

which may be because of the resource limitation or may be because it needs special drivers loaded on the system to function correctly although i tried to copy in and register the files that i noticed it copied in the install process i never was able to get it to run directly from win pe

besides its much easier just to make a bootable cd from acronis and then copy that and the boot image from that cd to your win pe cd and make it a multiboot cd and you still have the full gui that is included in the windows version so its no different to use it that way

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