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Possible to extract integrated F6 sata drivers from a WinXP ISO that was made with nLite?


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I found an XP ISO with a ton of integrated sata drivers. It takes too much time to wait for all the drivers to load when booting the CD.

Personally, I want an XP ISO to be as clean as possible and I don't want all this bloat.

Can I import the ISO contents into nLite v1.4.9.3 and remove the drivers I don't need, or even extract the drivers to put into a vanilla XP ISO?

The integrated sata driver WinXP ISO probably was made with nLite to begin with.


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You're generally asking for trouble doing multiple passes on an .iso, while not guaranteeing issues you're increasing their likelihood.

By the sound of it, at the moment you have a CD that takes a minute (two at the most) longer to load for the first time only BUT is compatible with far more systems.

Just so it's clear, extra SATA drivers integrated into the install CD will not lead to any extra bloat on a new system as any such drivers that are not needed will not be installed.

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