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Rumored New Start Menu Being Considered By Microsoft Windows 11 Developers


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On a different website that I frequent quite a bit I read that the windows 11 development team is supposedly already designing a new and improved windows 11 start menu that will be a lot more well received than the current one is, has anyone else heard the same thing or anything that relates to this ?

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Maybe they could start by also bringing back the vertical taskbar option they always used to support. Ironically macOS has always had this for its dock which they're liberally taking inspiration from.

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I'm not sure if this is the right place for this post, but here goes!

I use Explorer Patcher v22621.3296.641 and StartAllBack 3.7.8. I figured out how to have a Windows 10 style start menu using them together. Been very happy with the look and usability of Windows 11 with the 3rd party software solutions I've collected over the years.

I had to reinstall the Windows 11 in early March for 2 laptops. They had different corrupt system32 files and it had to be done. I have Win 11 pro 23h2 22631.3447 and all drivers and software are up-to-date. 

April 23rd I received the kb5036580 update and it ruined everything! I've been searching different sites to see if anyone else has had a problem with the update and if there is a solution, but no joy!

My start menu changed to Windows 11 after the update and I couldn't find anyway to get it back the way it was. I uninstalled StartAllBack and tried Start11 to see if that would work, but it didn't change the start menu either. Using Start11 previously I was able to make changes to the Windows 11 start menu that made it useable (still don't like it), but that didn't work after the update either. No way to change the new start menu. So, back to StartAllBack!

StartAllBack's Windows 7 style start menu's still work! I don't like the Windows 7 start menu's after using the Windows 10 style start menu for so many years. I thought I'd give it a try though. I set it up, but I just couldn't stand it.

I had to un-install the update and everything is back to normal. I know Windows update will keep trying to give me this update. I've turned off updates for now and I don't have a problem getting my updates from the Windows catalog, but I don't want this to be a permanent solution.

This problem may be unique to me. Am I using EP and StartAllBack in a unique way that no one else is doing? I'm getting all the benefits from StartAllBack and have my Windows 10 style start menu, too.


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