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Help with new HD

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Hello, I installed a new, larger, WD HD and used drive image to make a copy of C. These are my issues. Please help. Thanks

My desktop is H but the program files is C so everything is all mixed up. I changed the label of each drive but it now says DriveC(H) How do I change H to C (not just the label) - I only changed the jumpers - do I really need to swap cable ends? **edit -I will change it


**edit - I switched cable ends and rebooted and got boot error. I put cables back - boot ok.

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hey hi no wait don't go

right click on my computer

press manage

disk management

right click on the drive u want letter to be changed

"change drive letters and path" and enter the new drive letter

now i'm not sure if u can change your system drive's letter, u might need to boot it with a bootable drive manager thing partition magic has function like that

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1. In Disk Management - format new HD and DO NOT ASSIGN DRIVE LETTER

2. In Drive Image - Copy drive and DO NOT ASSIGN DRIVE LETTER

3. Unplug old drive and change jumper to master in new drive

4. Boot - will automatically assign to Drive C

5. Done

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