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PowerDVD & Trend Micro Internet Security switch


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I found something that could be interesting...

When installing Power DVD from a CD(and not from the path $oem$\$1\install), it doesn't install anything !!!!


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I have the Cracked Version of PowerDVD 5

which mean it auto insert Serial and installed Multilingual Dolby Digital EX

So my questions is, what do I have config the .iss to make it work or I dont need to use the setup.iss at all?

Please reply or PM


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Oops, I'm sorry and take back my words

I do have a legal copy that bundled from my DVD Burner, and I need help on create the .iss files or could anyone send a copy to me?

Any supports will appreciated...

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well since i dont believe ur telling the truth, im not here 2 judge u..

so to create an .ISS file run your .exe with the -R parameter

"%systemdrive%\My Programs\Powerdvd5.exe" -R

for further information & what u should have done in the first place was goto http://unattended.msfn.org OR browse the application switches sticky , they are there


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