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Update to old IE7/8 with KernelEx and Kext?

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A little story. Projekt Update Internet Explorer 6SP1 to v7/8: Sure, it's not worth it for browsing with old browsers. Is it a gimmick? The installer has not been examined!
Unfortunately, I can't get the ordinal problems under control so far. Required BWC extended Kernel, Xompie, later windows and ReactOS files - also for forwarding, then KernelEx 25, Kext.
In the following I have created a list of which modules are loaded and which are not. The list may not be complete - it is experimental.

Some files need KernelEx enabled or even XP (particularly browseui and wininet / OS version check). I'm not able to update mshtml.dll, SHDocvw, shlwapi. These load with KernelEx enabled, but I get Explorer errors on update/replace. Probably one or more problem API's (set to none) in core.ini/Base section. Possible is BWC's Shlwapi.
I'm able to use Urlmon v8, but in particular important functions Copy, Cut and Paste fail. So the best solution I found is BWC's Urlmon at the moment. With BWC's BrowseUI I'm able to run IE6SP3 of XPSP3, but not with Browseui v7 or v8. A few required modules are not loaded.

Module Update List:


Some are probably not relevant for the function.

x=updated & loads
+=to do
-=doesn't load yet

BWC:   Blackwingcat extended Kernel
6SP3:  Taken from XPSP3

ROS: ReactOS

Module     IEVersion

admparse       8         x
Advpack         8         x
browseui        BWC    x  v7/8 load - no Desktop - start break with no message / It must set to Kexmode XP -> OK
corpol            8          x
dxtmsft          8          x
dxtrans          7          x  8 -> Urlmon prob / OK with Urlmon v8
extmgr           7          -  Urlmon missing ordinals and Shell32 ordinal 743
hmmapi         8          x
html.iec          8          x
icardie            8          x
ie4uinit.exe    8           x
ieakeng         8           -  Urlmon 108
ieaksie           8           -  Urlmon 108 and it needs same version of admparse and ieakeng!
ieakui            8            x
ieapfltr           8           x
iecompat       8           -  ?
iedkcs32        8           x
iedvtool         8           -  Urlmon 423 - With Urlmon v8 Procwin error on close
IEFRAME        8           x  loads, but Procwin error on close  -> Urlmon prob
iepeers           8           x
ieproxy           8           x
iernonce         8           x
IERTUTIL        8           x
iesetup           8           x
(IEShims)        9           x  Win7 - not really needed XPShims?
ieudinit.exe     8           x
IEUI                8           x
Imgutil            8           x
inetcorp.iem    8
inetcpl.cpl        8           -  URLmon ordinal prob (Internet Control Panel)
inetres.adm     8
inetset.iem       8
inseng             8           x
jscript              8           x
jsdbgui            8           -  Urlmon 423   OK with Urlmon v8
jsdebuggeride  8           x
jsprofilercore    8           x
jsprofilerui        8           -  Urlmon 423   OK with Urlmon v8
jsproxy             8           x
licmgr10          8            x
msdbg2.dll       8           x  
msfeeds.dll       8           x
msfeedsbs.dll    8          x
msfeedssync.exe8          x
mshta.exe       6SP3       x  v7 & 8 to test, but ordinal problems with other html files
mshtml           BWC       +  v7 & 8 load (needs KernelEx enabled), Urlmon prob v8 -> Explorer error (error on folder open)
mshtml.tlb      6SP3       x                                                          Millennium mode
mshtmled       6SP3       x  v7 loads / v8 Urlmon  ordinal 414    Millennium mode     v8 OK with Urlmon v8
mshtmler.dll    6SP3       x                                                         Millennium mode
msls31.dll          8           x
Msrating           8           x
mstime.dll         7           x  v8 Urlmon 414   OK with Urlmon v8
Occache            8           x
pdm.dll             8           x
pngfilt.dll          8           x
shdocvw.dll                   +  Back to 6SP1 / requires Kex enabled to load / Explorer errors
SHLWAPI       BWC        x  6SP3, 7 and 8 load - forwarding seems OK, but replacing gives Explorer errors
spmsg.dll           8          x
spupdsvc.exe     8          x
sqmapi.dll          8          x
tdc.ocx               8          x
url.dll                 7          x  ProcWin v8 error on close
Urlmon          BWC        x  (v7/8 error in Shlwapi / Explorer error opening folders - in unicows) / v8 needs WebView disabled -> WebView doesn't work / v8 Copy/Cut/Paste Problem
vbscript.dll         8          x
vgx.dll                8          x
webcheck.dll   6SP3        x  v7 & v8 Procwin error on close - URLmon ordinal prob
winfxdocobj.exe  8          x
Wininet              7          x  Message "wininet expects a newer windows version" on OS start -> Kex doesn't work. Wininet must set to Kexmode XP /  v8 -> Urlmon ordinal prob
xpshims.dll          8          x

Five IE Files with Kex flags disabled by default:

Module   KexMode

BROWSEUI    XP              OK xp mode - Note: v7/8 -> IE6 doesn't start anymore (Error in BrowseUI v8). OE6 OK / BWC's BrowseUI OK > IE6 starts
mshtml          Millennium  BWC OK with Shlwapi BWC / v7/8 need KernelEx enabled to load -> Explorer error
SHDOCVW    disabled     v8 needs Kex enabled to load / Explorer error on folder open
SHLWAPI       disabled     - mode XPSP3 -> Explorer errors and it doesn't start / BWC version Kex disabled OK
Wininet          XP             OK xp mode

More old modules IE6SP1 29 08 2002 found with DependencyWalker (profiling IE7):
ATL             ROS 0.4.14      x
MSOert2           IE6SP3      x
Inetcomm         IE6SP3      x   needs MSoert2 update
Mlang               IE6SP3      x

BROWSELC       IE6SP3      x
BROWSEWM     IE6SP3      x

More Modules - surely not needed to run IE7/8
Crypt32           XP/2K              -> loads, but still missing SystemFunction041
CryptUI           XPSP3         x
BROWSER       XPSP3          x
dwmapi        ROS 0.3.17     x
propsys          BWC             x      required for BWC's DirectX "DX" (part of extended Kernel) / DX Ok at first, but today System hang/crashes!

Edited by schwups
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