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Trying to stop my Win-2K server (domain server) from making Krazy DNS queries

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This is a long shot, but...

I'm trying to prevent my win-2k domain server from making Krazy-a** dns requests such as:



I don't know where "Default-First-Site-Name" comes from but I might have seen it in the registry somewhere. 

There might have been a couple more, I put them in the HOSTS file and I plan on putting the above in there tomorrow, but I'm wondering how I can stop the machine from trying to perform DNS queries on those things.

I've pointed this 2K server at my router as the DNS server and I'm logging these requests so that's how I know what they are.

The DNS sub-system on this 2K server is really messed up but it doesn't matter, the machine does what it's supposed to do, it's hosting an exchange server and the PC's that need it can connect to it.

I just want it to stop making these Krazy DNS queries.


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First, as you'd expect, anything attempting to connect to a name on an interface that does not use FQDN is going to generate a DNS request.

However, it seems that this Default-First-Site-Name is the default site name in AD which will show up in the ADDS snap-in. That name will also show up in DNS under _msdcs.domain\dc\_sites. I'm not sure that they are actually "crazy" that these requests are being made IMO.

Perhaps the issue is specifically with LDAP. Presuming the server is not using LDAP for anything, maybe it is possible that the LDAP specific requests will cease to be made after disabling LDAP in the OS.

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