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Anyone here well versed in Word 2003?


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I recently got it installed on my Win 7 rig. Had not used it since it was on the public library computers many years ago, so my memory is sketchy. I'm trying to figure out how I used to do reverse printing (i.e. white text on black background). Example:


I vaguely remember it required highlighting the text twice and various other stuff. but can't figure it out. Can anyone provide a step-by-step? Thanks.

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You could change the background of the whole page to black (Format -> Background), then change the font colour to white.

Or if you don't want the whole page to be black, you could create a text box, double click the borders to get to the format settings, and set that colour to black.

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20 minutes ago, Variens said:

what are the steps to doing this?

Go to Insert menu. Click "Text Box".

It will say "Create your drawing here.". Insert a text box in that section.

Double-click on the black outline border. Under "Fill", click the dropdown menu next to "Color:". Select Black, which is shown at top-left under "No Fill". Click "OK".

Type in the text box, and the text should appear in white.

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