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A new version of ClamWin?


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ClamWin was (or is) dead. The last version I downloaded is 0.103.2 - 115MB.

The ClamWin forum had many "goodbye and good luck" posts. For some reason,
I decided to visit the ClamWin download page. Apparently, ClamWin is not dead.
There is a new version. It's - 225MB.


Downloading the virus definition files manually is still impossible. That's why I stopped
using ClamWin. You get "Access Denied - Error Code 1020." I tried accessing these files
using an online proxy site. Didn't work.


Can someone tell me what's going on with this app? I can download the latest version
of ClamWin, but not the virus definition files.
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Torbrowser 7.5.6 lets me manually "save as". Firefox 52.4 and basilisk 4.8.4 spit out permission and 403 errors. Basilisk fails to download using downthemall plugin as well. Jdownloader2 spits out temp unavail too.
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