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Windows 98 Simulator


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Screenshot_20220524_191645_2_11zon.thumb.jpg.f2da3f6043534fd6520f3f9a91bf0de1.jpgWindows 98 Simulator is one of the most accurate 98 look a like's around. It's in 16x9, has a modern web browser and media player, just look at it!


Internet Explorer has been updated, You can even play YouTube videos.

Video: Top Gear


Media Player has also been updated, Having MP4 and other file type support.

Windows 98 Simulator also keeps it's intergration with Android, having a app list and allowing you to access it's file system.

Application. (Android Only)

If your a 98 Diehard, I think you'll be impressed by it! 


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8 hours ago, mina7601 said:

I've had known about this simulator for a long time, it seems pretty fun, but I still prefer having 98 in a VM instead.

Always! But the simulator is for phones that can't run 98 using dosbox or limbo

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