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how to disable keyboard left, middle and right buttons on thinkpad compact usb keyboard with trackpoint?


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I was wondering if anyone knows how to disable the left, middle, and right buttons on the thinkpad compact usb keyboard with trackpoint keyboard? I have tried installing 

a few different synaptics touchpad applications / generic versions, and also tried the one for the exact model on lenovo's site, but the application does not give any option to modify / disable left, middle, right buttons, or even the trackpoint. i would like to lean my palm on the keyboard, but this would not be practical / possible, as this would press onto the buttons. i did not have to worry about a issue like this on the lenovo laptops, as the lenovo keyboards, at least on the lenovo l440 as a reference model, does not have the left, middle and right buttons, just the trackpoint and touchpad, which i was able to disable with the appropriate application, but not for this external keyboard i have for my desktop build. i believe the part number is "0B47190" for the external keyboard i use.

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