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Lightweight Versions of Web Browsers and Software?


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I am attempting to seek modern web browsers that use the least amount of system resources in general, and want to compile a list for such. PCs with only 1 or 2 gigabytes of ram still exist out there, and it's probably a good idea to provide resources.

A couple web browser examples (albeit dated) are Opera 12.18, Maxthon Nitro, and Qtweb. More modern examples are Firefox Lite, qutebrowser, Midori, Falkon, K-Meleon, Otter Browser, Opera GX, and Roytam1's Firefox 45 no SSE version, UR Browser, SlimBrowser, Ungoogled Chrome, Rocket Browser?, Avant Browser???, FlameSky, SharpBrowser, Lunescape???. I've found that XP backports of web browsers appear to be slower than regular Chrome? I've found the Kafan to be a bit sluggish and use a lot more ram on a Intel Core Duo 2 PC compared to my Pentium M w/ Windows 7 and the latest version of official chrome.

I've heard Chromium is faster than Google Chrome because a lot of features in Google Chrome are removed. If there are custom branches, I would love to know and compare their speeds! I've heard slimjet might be faster than Chrome? Even branches of Firefox and Chrome and prove to be far more faster and optimizing of system resources.

I seek software of all types that are lightweight: video editors, screen recorders (like CamStudio), screen capture (nothing beats faststone screen capture 5.3), media players (I've seen nothing beat MPC-HC), 

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