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Internet enhanced security


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I want to be able to install this on XP somhow.  I thought that I vaugly remembered I had seen it done before or I was able to find a installer for it once.  I can't seem to make any sense from that now.  Could it be possible to copy it from my 2003 server disc and run it on XP.  IE8 and IE updates are pointless and Isn't somthing I'm looking for.  Lock IE down as much as possible and just don't use it, It's useless anyways.

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I haven't tried it, but try this:

Get Server 2003 CD or ISO

Get some software to open/mount it if you got the ISO

Find "IEHARDEN.IN_" in i386 folder of the CD

Extract it, open it with 7-Zip or WinRAR

Extract "IEHARDEN.INF" inside of it

Right click and select "Install".

But I advise you to mount the ISO so you can select the directory for required files when it asks you.

Edited by DragonSC7601
We can open the ISO without mounting it, oh well, but you also need to mount it to satisfy the requirement of a CD when installing the component
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