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Why can't I print out data?

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using namespace std;
struct node
struct node* head;
int date;
struct node* later;

struct node* headnode()//Create table header
struct node* head = new struct node;
head->head = head;
head->later = head;
return head;
struct node* headnode(int dat)
struct node* headnode = new struct node;
headnode->date = dat;
headnode->head = NULL;
headnode->later = NULL;
return headnode;

void print(struct nodehead,int date)//Head insertion method
struct node newhead = headnode(date);
newhead->head = head;
newhead->later = head->later;
head->later->head = newhead;
newhead->later = newhead;
void printf(struct node* head)//print
struct node* newnode = head->later;
while(newnode != head)
cout << newnode->date << endl;
newnode = newnode->head;
int main()
struct node* head = headnode();
print(head, 44);
print(head, 33);
print(head, 22);
cout << "Really hard" << endl;
return 0;


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